What's included?
  • Weekly group coaching calls for you to get support and ask questions.

  • A private community of peers going through the same process where you can share, comment, and connect with each other.

a $1,050 value

  • Exclusive, custom meditations for each chakra, designed to clear, strengthen, and heal.

  • Weekly lessons from the guru guiding you through each chakra, what blocks them, how to tell through your physical or emotional symptoms, and how to clear them.

a $500 value

a $70 value

a $900 value

Total retail cost of this program:
  • Laser-focused daily affirmations for clearing each chakra.

a $20 value

  • Weekly tasks and exercises.

a $350 value

  • Chakra-clearing journaling prompts.

a $20 value

PLUS - early bird bonus gift to the first 7 sign-ups!

  • A beautiful, handmade chakra bracelet with each of the crystals we'll be using in the alchemical portion of this series.

a $55 value

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So what are you waiting for? Get aligned. Get Healed. Get moving forward.


About your guru

Beckett Arnold has been an intuitive spiritualist pretty much since birth. Growing up, she dealt with hauntings of malicious spirits that preyed upon she and her younger brother, who is also a spiritualist. Growing up within the Christian framework, there were no tools or methods for combating these types of forces - it was all just "demons."

Around the age of eight, she learned that in order to stop the nightmares, you have to take control and put your foot down! She took charge of her spiritual development at that moment, and the hauntings stopped.

In college, she became interested in Yoga, and that's where she learned about Chakras and Vedic traditions like Ayurveda. She became a certified yoga teacher/practitioner in 2010.

Since then, she's worked on developing her intuitive and psychic abilities on her own terms, delving heavily into meditation, chakra healing, tarot & oracle card reading, and crystal magic.

I look forward to joining you on YOUR journey of growth & healing!


email: guru@7chakrasshapeup.com