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"Beckett has been the MOST reliable person I have ever hired..."

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I'll review your website

When you book a free website audit with me, first you'll share your web links. Then, I'll take a look with my expert, discerning eye.


We'll go over what works and what doesn't together

Next, I'll give you honest, constructive feedback about what works and what may not on your site.


We'll create a custom gameplan

Based on my assessment and combined with your longterm marketing goals, we'll create a plan together that gets you there.

Here's the deal:

You've got an amazing product or service...
But you're not getting enough traffic, or the traffic you're getting isn't converting.
You've done your homework, but still the results aren't there...
The Solution: most websites, surprisingly, aren't optimized for conversion...
75% of consumers admit to making judgements on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design.
There are 3 very common website mistakes most businesses make, and if you're doing them, you're leaving $$ on the table...

Is your website making these mistakes?

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Get results like these on YOUR site

I LOVE working with her!

Beckett has been the MOST reliable person I have ever hired as an independent contractor since 2013. She is efficient and honest and smart. I love that she suggests her own ideas and gives invaluable expertise in the subject of websites, hosting sites, graphic design and digital marketing material. I LOVE working with her and am so grateful for our long term smooth working relationship. THANK YOU Beckett!

- Didi

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